Kirsty Harris Physiotherapy

Restoring Functional Movement & Maintaining Health

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment

The Initial Physiotherapy Assessment will last approximately 45-60 minutes and will include a full history and assessment of your condition to allow an accurate diagnosis to be made.

Following the assessment, findings will be discussed and where appropriate, treatment will usually commence within the initial assessment session.

Physiotherapy Review Session

The Physiotherapy Review session will last approximately 25-30 minutes and will include a review from the previous session and where appropriate, continuation of treatment.

Physiotherapy Treatments we offer:

• Assessment and Condition Management Advice

• Soft Tissue Mobilisation & Release

• Joint Mobilisation & Manipulation

• Patient-Specific Rehabilitation Program Design

• Physio-Led Pilates Classes - click here for more info

• One to one Pilates Sessions - click here for more info

• Acupuncture & Dry Needling

• Taping & Strapping

Kirsty Harris Physiotherapy is a tradename of Kirsty Harris Physiotherapy Limited; Company number 08893817